About Us

In 1952, Harry & Julia Roorbach, moving to Manitowoc from Lake Forest, IL., bought the former Hamilton greenhouse from Albert "Curly" Weber . Mr. Weber kept the Hamilton's Flowers portion of the original business, the flower shop on N 8th & Maritime Dr. now known as The Flower Gallery.

A small retail flower shop was a part of the original greenhouse range. Over the years, the retail shop was remodeled and repositioned to face So. 29th St. In 1993, a major expansion and reconfiguration of the entire business placed the retail store facing Custer St. The old, leaky glass greenhouses were raised and replaced with a new, technically modern structure. Improvements continued in the greenhouses to make them more accessible (wider concrete aisles) and "customer friendly" (Radio Flyer wagons) for the busy spring gardening season.

Our industry is in a constant state of change. As the big box stores have discovered that people like plants and flowers, they have changed many of our flower shop/garden center products into commodities. We have had to redesign ourselves within the market making sure that our customers know we provide a higher quality product plus the additional services and information needed to insure that they are successful with their plant and flower purchases.