A Helpful Guide to Flower Giving Etiquette

According to the Society of American Florists (SAF), five of the most common reasons people send flowers are to say "Thank You", "I'm Sorry", "Congratulations", "Get Well", and "Sympathy".  Here are some helpful suggestions compiled by Roorbach Flowers and SAF.
"Thank You":
The key to sending flowers as a "Thank You" is to make sure the flowers convey a personal sentiment of thanks.  Think of the recipient's favorite colors, flowers, and/or themes then choose an arrangement to match.  Select from our "Thank You" category or call the designers at Roorbach's for an arrangement conveying a casual, hand-picked feeling, to say "Thank You" with a very personal touch.
"I'm Sorry":
Flowers are the customary gift as an apology because they easily make the statement "I was wrong".  To express regret with honesty, select a nostalgic arrangement using a blend of delicate warm and cool lavenders and pinks.  Having opened the door to forgiveness, follow up the delivery with a phone call.
A bouquet of bold, contrasting colors is a fun-loving way to say "Congratulations", "Welcome Home", or "Great Job".  You can even get creative with the container.  For example, if a friend just got a new job, request that the bouquet be put in a fun pencil holder that includes assorted office supplies along with the flowers.  Anything that represents the occasion can be built into an arrangement.  The designers at Roorbach's are always happy to create a unique or unusual arrangement to make the congratulations all the more personal.
It's never easy comforting someone who has lost a loved one, but flowers can convey what is often difficult to express in words.  Flowers are usually sent to the funeral home to provide warmth and beauty for the service.  If a formal service is not planned, grief experts recommend sending condolences to the bereaved family's home.  In addition to a personal statement of sympathy, the enclosure card can convey the sentiments that are often too hard to share in person.   To see arrangements that would be appropriate, visit the "Sympathy" category.
"Get Well":
Choose a serene color scheme of light shades of cool hues or a cheerful assortment of colors such as yellows, reds, pinks, purples, and more to let someone who is ill know you're thinking of them.  When sending flowers to a hospital or nursing home, the facility name, the patient's given name, and room number or area of care (if known) is needed.  If the patient is in a facility out of Manitowoc County, Roorbach's can make arrangements for delivery almost anywhere in the country.
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