2017 Chicago Flower Show Bus Trip January 26, 2017 00:23

Chichago Garden Show

2017 Chicago Flower Show 
Navy Pier 
March 18 – 26 
This is always a fun and exciting event just about when we’ve had it with winter and can use a breath of spring.

Not only are there 20+ life-size gardens on display,  but there are also professionally lead seminars and workshops with gardening themes throughout the day plus a “marketplace” of garden related products to purchase.  chicagoflowershow.com

We’re thinking about sponsoring a bus trip this year – we haven’t gone in a few years – but would like to know if there is interest before we contract for a bus.

If you’d like to go, please contact us;  if there is enough interest, we’ll make the arrangements.  Let us know which days of the week are your preference;  we like to plan a day early in the week – while all of the displays are still fresh and in good shape.
Barb Ebert
barbebert@roorbachflowers.com  920-682-6331
Claire Olson
claireolson@roorbachflowers.com  920-682-6331